Production Monitoring

As committed, responsible and ideal manufacturers, you would want to take control of all of your production processes with state-of-the-art embedded systems that continually measures and tracks production data in real time for proactive decision making. Nothing less than to such an offering is Saatvik's immediately deployable production monitoring systems that results in improved machine management, efficient data management, defects visibility and overall productivity. Thus, you'll be able to track work-in-progress in moment-in-moment, keep customers informed on delivery schedules, report on shop floor events, identify improvement potentials scientifically, implement corrective actions, reduce stoppage time, improve availability, recognise abnormal situations and send automated alerts to support departments. CNC machine monitoring, bottling line monitoring and assembly line monitoring with ANDON displays are what we have on top of our takeaway tray for your manufacturing hands to grab without further delay. Built as simple to install, easy to use, low maintenance, expandable and efficient software and hardware components, the production monitoring system Saatvik embeds into your shop floor environment provides instantaneous feedback on critical parameters to have completely controlled wholesome check on production as and when it occurs. In short, it's detailed drilling down to become the manufacturer talk of the town!