Machine Vision

Providing the eyes to accomplish every machine's true vision.

  • Ideal quality control inspection for product acceptance
  • Individual check on parts rather than random sampling

With results as simple as good or bad, Saatvik's machine vision techniques at your production house can give you serious benefits like speedy, accurate, flexible and 100% inspection of products at reduced human labour costs, total control and clarity to status of operation in real time. Inspect, record, generate reports and analyse about the products you manufacture at one place so that their journey at all places throughout the production line is a grand success. We serve the Auto industry, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, packaging and print industries with systematic digital eyes in the form of cameras, sofwares, special lenses and special enclosures that truly 'see' through your products and make sure they are defects free. Probably for our machine vision systems, your products are literally the apple pie of its eyes. While inspection of components is run at the rate of many parts per minute according to your wants and needs, your production efficiency scores many points per second. We have the people, experience and knowledge to ensure our vision systems perfectly coordinates the making of whatever you make. Solid machine design capacities combined with versatile vision processing abilities help us deliver solutions quicker than any other vendor in this segment. Here are listed a few bright spots covered under our machine vision service spectrum.