Metal & Plastic Closures

Standing solutions to fit the sitting of all types and sizes of caps.

  • Defect-free formation and prints
  • Productivity improvement with clear process inspections

Bring your capping tensions to a smooth closure by opening up to Saatvik's high-speed, accurate, unconventional and efficient closure automation techniques. Your investment on our industry standard machine which suits most of the flip top cap requirements, would give you impressive returns like quick changeover between components of different sizes & efficiency, speed, consistency and closure satisfaction of the highest order. Our extensive design capabilities and versatile engineering skills produce a complete closure system fete for any required product type. Thereupon for your products, uptime increases, output maximises, labor cost & defect reduces and quality improves in the aptly called high-speed-high-volume 'Seconds are dollars' metal & plastic industry. We turn latest and innovative ideas into convenient closures that give easy access to a variety of products inside your bottles. Delivering added value for your products, Saatvik automation leaves absolute freshness and security for all of them just a 'snap' sound away. On consummate automation wheels, we have stationed at your marketplace contemporary caps and closures that manufacturers leverage and consumers love. When are you turning on the key to travel along the journey of excellence?