Pharmaceutical Industry

Prescribing quality automation to the wellness of your medicinal health.

  • Comprehensive functions to increase productivity throughput
  • Easy, agile and flexible system deployment

By putting your pharma factory in and around an automation mechanism that is reliable, repetitive, coordinated and precisely motion controlled, your industrialization will be driven by increased productivity and quality. Saatvik acts as a catalyst for idealising this transformation of yours so that you aren't just another producer, but, that unanimously chosen one and only consumer favourable producer. Extend your manufacturing scope under automation's broadest sense at your pharmaceutical laboratory facility to include data management, connectivity and portability. Inherent batch features, compliant standards and structured implementations gets your pharma based process systems handled safely and automatically. Right from production to packaging, Saatvik enables you entirely to track and trace a product. When less rework, reduced hazards and increased throughputs are readily available at the cost and hands of Saatvik's efficient automation technologies, why would you want to waste precious human hours? Put Saatvik's automation hands at your workplace the rest thereafter at its hands. Below are a few of its wings.