About Us

If we are your precisely accurate choice in our industry, you go accurately precise in yours.

  • Putting technology first and you even before
  • Faster automation, efficient workflows and reliable results

Instituted in the year 2014 with a vision to tailor industrial automation solutions for all players of manufacturing sector, Saatvik Automations has been triumphantly meeting stringent customer requirements through implementation of cutting-edge automation technologies. Providing a comprehensive array of industry standard solutions while maintaining quality, safety and system reliability of hardware and software components, we present you strong to today's business challenges and prepare you stable for tomorrow. Our special focal length zooms towards production monitoring solutions for radius industries and have captured enough expertise and experience in performance, efficiency, fault and machine monitoring segments. This led us to unleash our potential in industrial vision solutions and thus proved to be mission critically good in the execution of industrial automation. Connect, manage and automate your manufacturing plant infrastructure with Saatvik's streamlined processes, enhanced safety measures and improved operational productivity.

With close to two decades of experience in the field of industrial automation and having served manifold roles ranging from a profound designer to proficient trainer and consultant, Saatvik Solutions' intellectual architect cum pillar Shyam Prasad with his team cannot but deploy fully automated, sustainable and unified industrial infrastructure for you. Our real-time, rapid, robust and reliable automation repertoire unfolds as the most valuable deliverable for the bottom line of many businesses. Confirm an automation program plan with us to see us become literally the logic controllers for your manufacturing success system.