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About us

Instituted in the year 2006 with a vision to tailor industrial automation solutions for all players of manufacturing sector, Saatvik Automations has been triumphantly meeting stringent customer requirements through implementation of cutting edge automation technologies. Providing a comprehensive array of industry standard solutions while maintaining quality, safety and system reliability of hardware and software components, we present you strong to today's business challenges and prepare you stable for tomorrow...Read More

Machine vision

With results as simple as good or bad, Saatvik's machine vision techniques at your production house can give you serious benefits like speedy, accurate, flexible and 100% inspection of products at reduced human labour costs, total control and clarity to status of operation in real time. Inspect, record, generate reports and analyse about the products you manufacture at one place so that their journey at all places throughout the production line is a grand success....Read More

Industrial automation

In order to gain better insight into your manufacturing operations, integrate flexible processes across multiple models and increase access to real time production information, Saatvik dedicates itself in all aspects to all of your industrial automation requirements. Maximum interoperability across all components made possible by automation characteristics of global standards makes you respond to customer demands swiftly and deal business challenges smartly...Read More